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Guidelines for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

By BigTed Teddies December 22, 2021

Parents always love to pamper their children with love and lots of playthings! For parents, it’s just toys that entertain your little tod, but for them, it’s always special to have a teddy bear by your kid’s side. There are a chunk of opinions about getting the correct toys for toddlers. Your infants are soft and tender, so you need to carefully choose what type of toys will be gentle to them and what might harm their health.

So if you ask us to select a perfect plaything that won’t harm your little one, we suggest plush toys! Yes, be it a sloth stuffed animal or a unicorn stuffed animal, these cuddly plush toys are harmless and tend to comply with all the guidelines that refrain from being perilous to kids. The market is full of attractive and colourful toys, and parents want their kids to learn something new with every toy and not just play. But they should be vigilant when getting playthings that are safe for their kids. Some of the factors that should be taken care of while buying toys are

  • Don’t pick heavy playthings for your tod. They don’t need to lift the much-weighted toys at this tender age as the baby might find it challenging to handle or injure itself.
  • Go for the plush toys with soft and harmless material as tods tend to play with it, take it in their mouth, or lick it while playing. Avoid using material like flame retardant fabrics or parts made up of PVC, which negatively impacts the kid’s growth. 
  • Toys are dyed with natural colours; organic cotton like bamboo, wool, and cotton are good.

So if you’re thinking about getting a Christmas gift for an eight-month-old baby, you should opt for a good store which complies with all the guidelines to provide safer toys and get one.

The First Real Friend for Baby

Stuffed animals are always the first that enters kids’ lives and stay with them as their mental support and comfort throughout, but it’s much more than we think. It contributes to the growth and development of your child. Whether your kid has a small teddy bear or big, this transitional object is always there to grow with your kids & help them deal with relationships

Kids learn different skills and basic human value systems while playing with these plush toys. It teaches compassion, love, sympathy and other such behavioural aspects that foster their personal growth. You can find a chunk of stuffed animals for your baby and gift him a companion such as an elephant plush toy or a sloth teddy bear, or a panda! Be it in any form, the value a teddy provides to your kid is priceless.

Development of Imagination

It’s surprising to know for some of you that there are a lot of toys in the market that help in sparking the child’s imagination. Imagination during any play is a vital element for your kid’s evolution to make him a better person. So be it musical instruments for kids, kitchen sets or stuffed animals, these are not just for fun but stimulate your kid’s brain and result in the overall development of your baby.

So getting a koala plush toy or giant teddy bear is not something you should think about before buying. However, you can’t underestimate that it’s crucial to let your kids explore creativity with various open-ended activities. It gives your kids a sense of confidence and accomplishment in what they create and experience on their own. Hence introducing them with such playthings which enunciate creativity and imagination is what you should opt for while buying toys for your kids.

Craving for Research and Problem Solving

Babies can recognize the shapes, sizes and forms of different objects. Therefore, playing with meaningful toys that thrust curiosity and let your children research is something you need to introduce to them. The world for this little kid is a new place to expand their horizons and know-how things are. At this level, introducing toys that not only entertain but shape up their imagination and inculcate a problem-solving attitude is paramount. Playthings such as solving puzzles, block and construction sets, art and craft, strikes the mind to solve the things and get out of it soon. It stimulates the brain to fathom the barriers and overcome them.

Moreover, getting stuffed toys for babies can serve the purpose and aid them in dealing with their problems better. You can find many personalised plush toys like plush elephant toys whale stuffed animals to ensure you provide robust emotional support for them.

Growing Up with a Child

Plush toys have always remained a special thing to everyone growing up. You tods get their first love even before getting a teacher or friends. Kids’ early years are prominent in making a solid foundation for their life. They play, share their feelings, get emotional support and grow as better personalities by dealing with their life. Whether it’s a stuffed bear for a newborn or a giant teddy bear, your child needs consistent companionship to face the curveballs of life and come out stronger.

A variety of stuffed animals are available in the market today, where you can find a range of plush toys in various forms such as rainbow dolphin stuffed animal, panda, pooh, sloth bears, tigers and whatnot!

Getting Ready to Read

Witnessing the popularity of these stuffed animals, there is a lot of getting ready to read books in the market, which you can get for your kid. There is nothing better than reading a story to your kid and making his imagination world lit. You can buy a big teddy bear book and read fascinating stories at night to make them enthusiastic and stimulate creativity in them.

In your kid’s vision, a bear can be anything from a superhero, prince, or pirate. He can also imitate the character and learn fundamental human values. You can find many books on the small teddy bear and giant ones and read to your tod and let him build his world of fantasies.

Multifunctional Toys

Multifunctional playthings are always helpful in getting your kid pumped up with loads of skills and shaping their character. Plush toys have always been terrific in serving this purpose. So don’t think twice to buy your kid a small teddy bear or a massive teddy bear. You should carefully choose any toy’s material and safety aspects before buying stuffed toys for babies. For example, a whale plush toy can be best if your kid loves ocean creatures, whereas if he loves animals, you can go for animals like a koala plush toy. Teddy bears can also make an excellent gift for boys and not only girls. Getting plush toys like animals or manly creatures is loved by the boys and can also be used in different ways.

The Criteria for Choosing Soft Toys for Babies

Cute stuffed animals remain all the time with your babies, so it’s essential to ensure they are safe toys and secured that don’t contain any toxic material which might harm kids. As prevailing covid-19 has made changes in the consumption pattern of things, it has restricted the use of stuff without cleaning or sanitizing them. So if you want to buy soft toys for babies, make sure to carefully sanitize or wash them before giving them to them.

Moreover, you should also know whether your baby is hypoallergenic to any specific material. You should discard the toys made of such material, especially if you’re buying them for newborns. Newborn soft toys are delicate and made up of even better quality, allergen-free material to ensure maximum safety.

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