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How to Sanitize Stuffed Animals to Prevent COVID-19

By BigTed Teddies September 17, 2021

Teddy bears are the most adorable pal one could ever wish for. These stuffed animals have made almost every kid’s childhood a roller coaster journey memorable with the warmth of their super soft furs. Our little tots love to get cute hugs from them all the time. But, amidst all, does the cleanliness of these bears aggravate you? We bet you are bothered about the risk of infections and diseases these bears might carry with them. 

Especially after the widespread COVID-19 that has led to chaos and calls for even more hygiene and tidiness in everything we do. How will you deal with disinfecting and cleaning your kid’s favourite teddy bear to prevent catching the virus?

Do not fret! 

In this article, you will get the answers to your questions on keeping the plushy animal sanitized and safe against the coronavirus.

How to Sanitize Stuffed Animals?

Sanitizing has become a daily ritual after the emergence of COVID -19. It is vital to take care of these stuffed toys as your kids roam around with them, sleep with them, and spend a major chunk of time with them. During these tough times, the probability of coronavirus on soft surfaces is high, specifically the toys located in public places. So, if you are caring for a teddy, you need to ascertain its cleaning after COVID-19 isolation. Disinfecting the whole space where a person got isolated is a necessity. 

Similarly, disinfecting your favourite stuffed animal is also important when you have a new baby in your house. The best way to ensure whether these bears are sanitized is to wash them. Washing will remove all the dust, dirt, as well as kill bacteria and viruses. Remember, all bears are not washable if any metal part or electric thing is attached to them. So wash only those which are worth it.

Let us jump onto how to wash teddy bears –

  • Machine Wash

Wash your teddy bear with cold water by putting a mild detergent in the machine. Use gentle cycles and don’t over-wash it. If convenient, put the bear in a mesh bag/pillowcase and tie it on the top, so the buttons or other parts don’t get rubbed while washing. Air-dry the toy until the water gets fully dry. 

  • Hand Wash 

If you don’t want to machine wash your plush toys, you can choose to wash them by hand. It is the easiest way to get your bear sanitized. Use a bathtub or bucket, fill it with cold water and add two tablespoons of laundry detergent. Soak the stuffed animal gently and squeeze soapy water through it. 

After the washing is done, drain the water by squeezing the toy and remember not to wring it. The last step is rinsing, and for this, turn the tap and squeeze it gently under running water. And now you can air dry it until it is fully dried. 


How Do You Sanitize Toys that Can’t Be Washed?

So, now as we have seen how to sanitize your giant teddy bear, what if you can’t wash it and still want to remove all dirt and kill bacteria from it? As of now, you might have known that COVID stays on fabric surfaces for some time. It becomes a daunting task if you have a question in your mind – how to clean the large stuffed animal if it can’t be washed? There are so many disinfectant sprays for stuffed animals in the market which you can easily buy. These toys also need attention and care as they’ve been a great emotional support for your kids. 

Let us know some ways you can disinfect the teddy without washing it –

  • Use a steam cleaner 

One of the effective ways to sanitize without using chemicals is steam cleaning your furry toys. It can remove all the dirt and make sure the toy is cleaned naturally. Bring a steam cleaner if you don’t have one!

  • Disinfect with solution till wet and then air dry 

The next solution is disinfecting the giant toy with a good disinfectant. Yes, you heard it right. But, you can also find it the trouble-free way to take care of your kid’s loved friend. For this, take an effective disinfectant and spray it gently all over the teddy till it’s all wet. Now, leave it for some time to dry. And it’s all done! 

Ensure that your kid or anyone uses it after it dries completely, as kids are prone to allergies.  Also, always use a good quality disinfectant, especially when you have tots around. You can also avoid using chemicals like disinfectants because of allergic children at your home. You can use soap water instead to ensure your tots don’t encounter an allergy-prone element.

You might be thinking about whether disinfection may adversely affect the toy and can deteriorate your kids’ lovable pal. So, it is advisable to try the disinfectant on any hidden area of the bear, like beneath ears or any other area, before disinfecting the whole toy and ending up with a disfigured bear. It will ascertain whether you should use the disinfectant on the whole toy or not.

  • Hand spot cleaning 

The third way to disinfect your teddy is to hand spot clean it. You might have done this before at some point in your home. For this, dip a cloth in a sudsy solution; clean the toy all over. Now rinse the cloth that you immersed in clear water and wring it well. Follow the similar process till you have cleaned the teddy completely. Finally, you can dry it through a hair dryer or air dry it until it is fully dried.  Further, if you want, you can vacuum clean it to remove dust particles. 

We hope that you know how to sanitize toys and the process of disinfection of the same, and how to keep your kids super happy in this pandemic situation. You can also buy a get well soon teddy for your tot if he feels under the weather due to COVID-19.

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