Payment &


At BigTed we take you security as our top priority, so all payments made via our website are processed using the latest 2048 bit encryption to comply with industry best practices regarding encryption levels.

So this means all information passed to us will stay safe and secure, making the data impossible to intercept or clone.

Any information collected on the BigTed website is used strictly for internal purposes only and we collect only simple data that includes: email address, first name and surname etc. The password that you create is encrypted, so therefore no employee of BigTed can send or view your password when you register. This information is then only used to identify our customers and to send you the order confirmation.

We also collect your delivery and billing information which includes: billing and delivery addresses, phone numbers etc. during the checkout process. This is in order for us to process your order and for us to contact you should there be a problem. Under absolutely no circumstances will any of this data ever be sent or shared to a third party.

BigTed take their clients security seriously and abide by all current European Union and United Kingdom Rulings on Data Protection and Distance Selling Regulations.